Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Microsoft Wired Desktop 500 Keyboard + Mouse

Wow this is the first branded Keyboard I ever bought, this is a Microsoft product that bundled a keyboard with an optical mouse, all of them are wired with cable, the keyboard has PS/2 connector and the mouse has USB connector with USB to PS/2 adapter.

I need some adaptation to use this keyboard, because there are several keypad layout that different from standard keyboard, the home, insert, delete, end, page up and page down button are in vertical layout that make me always press the wrong button in this area.
And the keypad letter is too small and in grey color that make the user difficult to see in dark.

This is spill resistant keyboard, but I'm too afraid try to spill a glass of water on this keyboard, maybe the claim is true because I see some hole on the bottom of keyboard.

But I like to use this keyboard, the keypad is soft and quite, and the Microsoft branded name is make my proud to show off to my friends.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Olympus FE-110 Digital Camera

Just smile and say "cheese," your picture will produce instantly, that what I like with this digital technology, you no need to go to Photo Lab to produce your film.
This Olympus FE-110 Digital Camera is simple and easy to use, but this is not my mine, this belong to my cousin, and I even to borrow it because I don’t have this device yet, it is still expensive for me.
This camera has 5.0 Mega pixels, and has 2.8x optical zoom, plus 4x Digital Zoom, the zoom quality is good and can make great detail picture without blur, even if you zoom it again using picture processor software on your computer.
This camera can attach to Television; you can see slideshow of your photo on the television.
The size is little bit fat and look to small in my hand, I called chubby and weird look camera.

The detail specification click here:

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Optical Mouse

I like this kind of mouse, great thanks for all inventors which created this great idea for the mouse. Now I never cleaning the ugly ball from the mouse, this annoying job was gone. The Optical Mouse with bright red light is the great device to moving the cursor on the computer screen, this mouse can be put on any place on my computer desk without using mouse pad again, even I usually use this Optical Mouse on my hip, so I can lie down on my chair while browsing the internet with my computer.
Wow, I’m glad to use this device, and my next need in my buy list is Wireless Optical Mouse, or the little size type that called mice, maybe that will be great while attached to my computer.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pen Drive - USB Flash Memory Stick Module

The end of Floppy Disk is coming, today everybody use Flash Disk to saving their computer data, me too :)
I have a 128MB PenDrive Flash Disk with Giraffe rubber PenSkinz, I bought it several months ago, with a little disappointed because in the next month the price was reduced to half :(
There is no standard name for this device, sometime called with USB Flash Disk, USB Flash Stick, USB Disk, USB Flash Drive, USB Drive, etc.
The Flash name is came from the memory IC (Integrated Circuit) type that used with this device, knowing as Electronic Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory, usually used for BIOS IC on Computer Motherboard. This IC can be use to saving data and will keep that data even no electricity on it, difference from RAM (Random Access Memory) that will erased all data after no electricity supply on it.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Newest Computer

I bought this computer with money that earned from internet business, I love this computer, it is not Pentium 4 but the speed can be compared with them, this is fast and reliable, can work with multiple program that I always do everyday, it work from early morning and shutdown in the middle of the night, how strong is it?
This computer using AMD Athlon XP Thoroughbred 2400 processor, which works at 2000 MHz speed. With 512 DDR 3200 Memory and 80 Gigabyte Hard drive.
I put several fans added to this system because I had experience with the heat problem with this processor, I just knowing if the statement about heat problem with AMD Processor is true, so I must sure the air circulation in my CPU Case is free to flow, even I opened all of the 5.12" bays for air input. The noisy sound of the entire fans will heard when I turn this computer on. I planned to change the cooling system with water cooler, but this device is still expensive for me.
Now I'm collecting my money to buy a graphic card, because I'm bored to use the on board Graphic Adapter that have limitation to running the latest Game Title.
That is my Computer, I am still love it and don't want to upgrade it yet.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Animation Movies Technology

Wow, today we can se unreal creature on movies, I just see the King Kong Movie and amaze with the beautiful and realistic King Kong character, with the natural moving and smooth camera angel, so we can feel like go inside the scene of the movie.
3D software technology is improved everyday and even can be used in home PC, of course if we have the latest computer type.
Maybe in the tomorrow we can see movie in 3D holographic projection, and we can really feel like inside the movie with scenery surrounding us.
Or maybe the film industry doesn't need actor and actress again, just create any persons that they want in animation software, and put them in the artificial scene.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Nokia 6110

I still use this cell phone today, it is a business class phone when it was launched, not ordinary phone that other people use usually. I was very happy when bought this phone, even in second hand conditions. The battery live can be five day in stand by mode, and two day if I use it in the whole day.
I like the infra red facility, I can transferred data to other phone which have infra red port, and if I meet someone which have other Nokia Cell Phone with infra red, we can play snake game together.
The menu is very complete, I can scheduled my daily activity in calendar menu, and I like the group option that can divide my friend number and my business partner number, and can put different ringtone for each individual.
I love this cell phone.,,18165,00.html

Friday, March 10, 2006

Logitech Wingman Extreme Digital 3D Joystick

At least I can buy this device, when my last cheap joystick was broken. This is an expensive joystick that I had been dream on. This joystick is big and heavy, easy to grip and fast response to play simulator game on my PC. I like to play Star Lancer game with this joystick.
This is using USB connector with cable adapter to plug in to legacy MIDI/GAME port.
Since I didn't play plane simulator again, this device is saved in its red box on the cabinet near my computer.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Ericsson GH688 Cellular Phone

This is my first Cellular Phone, I bought it from my friend in second hand condition.
It is a slim phone, the cell phone thin is around 1 centimeter because I use thin battery. The LCD screen is only can showing three text row with green LED illuminated.
It is a simple and easy to use cell phone, with Calculator, Alarm and SMS capability, and the antenna is good in receiving GSM signal.
My favorite is I can make my own ring tone by inputting several note code in this phone.
This is the Cell Phone from early booming era with no Colorful LCD Screen, camera, Bluetooth, MMS, GPRS, WAP, Symbian OS, touch screen, polyphonic ring tone, or any technology that often common included in today Cell Phone era.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Celeron 333 Computer

When I was quit from my job because of economic recession, I had built my own computer shop. I bought six second hand 486 Computers, and two brand new Celeron 333 Computers, all these computer are for rented for the students from Gunadarma University near my shop.
I'm not going to tell story about my shop, but I want to tell about these Celeron 333 Computer.
I assembled this computer by myself, these computers using PC-Chip ExCell 2000 Motherboard, 128 Megabyte SDRAM module, and Intel Celeron 333 Processor, with 4,3 Gigabyte Seagate Hard disk and 14 inch GTC Monitor.
When my shop closed in the night, I always use one of these computers to playing game, my favorite is Age of Empire and Need for Speed.
Because in my home I still using the 486 Computer, just for writing letters and do accounting jobs.
The Celeron Processor was the reduced price of Pentium II Processor, with less cache memory (128K on-chip cache, when PII using 256K) and using socket 370, this was the era when Slot 1 was not used again, back to the levered socket called socket 370 that much easy to installed than the Slot 1.
With the lower price we can have fast computer with same specification as Pentium II Computer, even you can overclocking this Celeron and make it faster than the Pentium II Processor.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

AIWA NSX-K880 Video CD, Radio Tuner and Double Deck Tape Recorder, Stereo Hifi Compo.

My little brother bought this machine.
It was his dream to buy this device, every time we went to Electronic Fair, He always spent a lot of time in the Audio Device Section, and so after he got a job as a Chef in Hilton Hotel - Jakarta, he bought his dream machine.
This is a good electronic device; this machine has two big speaker boxes with big bass air holes and two little satellite speakers, it can produce a good sound with big bass effect and crispy treble sound. I never try to turn the volume knob to the maximum level, because with a quarter levels this machine can make a big sound that can vibrating my house.
My family can watch Video CD movies with best quality picture and sound, better than watching Video CD from my 486 Computer.

Note: I had been searching over internet to find its picture, and found the right picture in the name of AIWA NSX-S888, a little bit strange because in my country its series is NSX-K880.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

AIWA Compact Disk, Radio & Cassette Recorder Portable.

Oops, I almost forgot this device; this is my first CD player.
I had this before I had my 486 Computer, I like to hear a music with clear and crisp sound, CD is better than cassette, the cassette tape can be curled and having noisy sound when played.

Friday, February 17, 2006

My 486DX-80 Computer.

It was 1995, after I had job as a Computer Assistance in Jasa Indonesia Insurance Company, My dream came true, I bought a brand new Computer with my own money.
It was a 486 Local Assembled Computer, with AMD 486DX-80 Processor, 4 Megabyte RAM, 420 Megabyte "Quantum" Hard disk, one 1,2 MB Floppy Disk Drive and one 1,44 MB Floppy Disk Drive. With a VGA Monitor, I believe it was a 12 inch monitor, because the screen was so small.
I did several upgrade with this computer, first I added a 16MB RAM and bought a Zoltrix 14.400 Bps External Modem and registered to CBN Internet Service Provider, It was my first experience using internet, I'm so happy because my second dream came true, I enjoying to surf in internet, found some new knowledge and some xxx things :-)
When a VCD was invented, I bought a Boser MPEG Card, a SoundBlaster 16 Soundcard, and of course a CD-ROM Drive. After that my computer became a multimedia computer, not satisfy with small monitor, I was bought a long AV Cable and plug in the Video Output in the MPEG Card to the video input connector in my 21 inch Television. It was a little bit difficult but my family can watching VCD movies together.
I love my 486 Computer.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sony Betamax SL-C30E Video Cassette Recorder

This was my new experience to the new entertainment choice, since there was only one Television Channel in my country; I found the new excitements to saw movies.
Rather than seeing the boring TV program, my favorite was cartoon movies, especially Japanese cartoon or manga, I like to saw Robot Cartoon like Voltes-V, Mazingga-Z, and Goshogun, my little brother like to saw Megaloman, and Kamen Rider, and my little sister like to saw cute Cartoon like Ikkyu-san, Candy-candy, etc.
Like usually I did, I was opened the VCR box and amazed to seeing how the cassette go inside the machine and the tape pulled out circled around the head drum.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

IBM Compatible XT Personal Computer.

I was at High School when I had my first computer, it was a XT Personal Computer, a big desktop CPU box with CGA monitor on top, and a Keyboard attached, without mouse.
It was a new technology in that age, and I was a first person who had Computer in my housing complex.
You can write using WordStar and build a spreadsheet using Lotus 123, and play games like Space Commander, Pac-man and Digger.

The CPU using 8088 microprocessor chip, 640 kilobyte RAM, with two 5.25 inch 360KB Floppy Disk Drive, and a Key to lock your computer, it was a real key like a door key, if you lock it, your computer will can't be used by other person.
The CGA Monitor only can showing 16 color in text mode and 4 color in graphic mode, but I was suitable for the software we used with this computer.

I used this computer to write my thesis for my University Graduate.
And after I had a job and had money, I bought a 486 Computer to change this lovely XT Computer.

I still keep this XT Computer in my house, mixed with unused things. I don't know if it is still work or not.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Atari Video Game

I was at junior high school when my father bought me a big silver box; it was an Atari 2600 Jr video game console. I was surprised because it was not my birthday.
I opened the box and found the slim modern design game console, with two easy grip joysticks, and Centipede Game Cartridge bonus.

The Centipede game is a simple game, you just shoot the centipede which is running down from left to right side of screen, and if you cannot shoot all body part of that centipede you will be lost, because the rest of body part will hit you.
It was simple but very entertaining game in that age.

Play Centipede Game here:

You can find information about Atari here:
and information about Centipede here:

I save this Atari game console somewhere in my house, I believe it is still work. I will search it someday and play again with this old machine.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Arisson Mercinova; I'm male and living in Depok, Indonesia.
I like to use electronic things, and interest to the development of electronic technology.

I am sorry if my English is bad, I still need to improve my English skill, but let me start to share my experience.

When I was a little boy, I like to open any electronic device in my home, I love to see the circuit inside them, the colorful component, and amaze why this crowded thing can made a great magic, why we can hear music from radio? And why we can see picture from television?
It was happy day while my father gave me an Atari Video Game; it was my first hi-tech stuff that I owned. Everyday I played with this, and made my mom angry because I forgot to study and do homework.
After playing the video game, my curiosity came out and I got a screwdriver and opened this Atari console. And found a new experience to new technology, this thing is tidy and didn't have much cable inside, didn't like the radio unit that I opened before. There was only one piece of circuit board with small and tiny square things, I didn't know yet if that called IC and reduced size of transistor, resistor and capacitor.
Luckily I can put this back together in the console box, and still can used for playing video games, because I had been broken a Cassette Player after I opened it.

What a strange kid :-)