Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My First Modem

I bough it at Pasaraya Blok M (a mall in Block M area at Jakarta) and I attached it on my 486 computer, I used CBN Internet Service Provider, that was the nearest ISP from my city in the year 1995. This was a Zoltrix 14.400 kbps external modem, I still remembered when surfing in the middle of the night, because the phone fee in cheaper at night, you can get 3 minutes per pulse at night, while at mid day you will get 2 minutes per pulse. I take a 20 hours monthly package from my ISP, so I always make sure to not over limited and always noted the used hours on the sheet near my computer.
What the first thing I searching in internet? Yes, right! The porno websites :)
How about the speed? I still remember when I was downloading a 1 megabyte file for hours, the speed was about 1 kbps to 3 kbps, and I must repeat downloading when the connection is stopped, there was no resuming download software in that year (or I don't know about that?)
And the sad moment was when I must paid the telephone bill that exploded triple times after I use the internet.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

GE-29353 Caller ID with Speakerphone Corded Telephone

I bought this Telephone several months ago at Carrefour Mall near my home, this is a Caller ID phone with large LCD that shown the incoming phone numbers, this phone can save 48 latest received phone numbers and you can save 10 of that numbers in Quick Dial Phonebook memory, or you can enter this Phonebook manually. Beside that ten of your latest dialed numbers is saved in Redial memory, so this telephone has much memory inside.
The blue LED illuminated LCD screen showing several informations such as Clock, Calendar, last received Caller ID, number of incoming calls, Indicators that shown Mute, New Caller ID, speaker phone and Low Battery Icons. Yes, this device using three AA batteries as a power for LCD display and memory saving, also you can set the brightness level for LCD back light.
The design of this device is beautiful with millennium style and color, the buttons are easy to push, with user friendly placement setting. The speaker phone sound is loud and clear, you can do hand free calling with comfort.

More info: http://www.thomson-asia.com.hk

Thursday, March 29, 2007

KODAK Disc 4000 Camera

In 1982 Kodak was launching a camera that using disc as the film, but don't ever thinking about CD or DVD, the disc film is made from negative film that built in round format, the images of photo shot are printed on the side of the disc and you can put 15 images on a single disc.

I have one of this camera, it was an unique and innovative camera in the 80's era, fit in the pocket and easy to use, with its sophisticated and modern looks, this slim silver camera can made other person attention while I use it outdoor. But as a compact camera the picture production is not sharp, because from the tiny negative image you will get blurry picture while printed on photo paper.
Nowadays I can't find the disc negative film for this camera, Kodak is discontinuing this product.

Pictures are taken from:

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Polyvision Television

I went with my entire family to Glodok Plaza to buy a television to replace our old Nordmende 14 inch television. There was a lot of type and brand, but we choose this Polyvision 21 inch television, a brand from Polytron Group. The price is cheap for 21 inch television with sub-woofer, stereo surround sound, picture in picture, NICAM/Zweiton multi sytem, and Teletext facilities, only 1.5 million Rupiah, while other brands were prices above 2 million.


This TV has build-in Sub-Woofer speaker on its back cassis, two speakers that mounted in the side direction with air hole that directed to the top. These speakers can produce big bass sound that spreading to the entire room. But you can set the bass level to high because this sub-woofer speaker box made from plastic that will make a vibrating noise.


I like this facility because I can see other channel in small screen, without disturbing the program that I watch. I can switch the program between big screen and small screen in one click using remote control. Nowadays you will difficult to find a 21 inch television with picture-in-picture facility, usually you can find it on big screen TV such as projection TV or widescreen LCD/Plasma TV.

Now this TV is more than ten years old age, and had been repaired several times, but I don’t want to replace it with the new one, because I need this picture-in-picture facility.