Friday, July 14, 2006

Olympus FE-110 Digital Camera

Just smile and say "cheese," your picture will produce instantly, that what I like with this digital technology, you no need to go to Photo Lab to produce your film.
This Olympus FE-110 Digital Camera is simple and easy to use, but this is not my mine, this belong to my cousin, and I even to borrow it because I don’t have this device yet, it is still expensive for me.
This camera has 5.0 Mega pixels, and has 2.8x optical zoom, plus 4x Digital Zoom, the zoom quality is good and can make great detail picture without blur, even if you zoom it again using picture processor software on your computer.
This camera can attach to Television; you can see slideshow of your photo on the television.
The size is little bit fat and look to small in my hand, I called chubby and weird look camera.

The detail specification click here: