Tuesday, August 07, 2007

GE-29353 Caller ID with Speakerphone Corded Telephone

I bought this Telephone several months ago at Carrefour Mall near my home, this is a Caller ID phone with large LCD that shown the incoming phone numbers, this phone can save 48 latest received phone numbers and you can save 10 of that numbers in Quick Dial Phonebook memory, or you can enter this Phonebook manually. Beside that ten of your latest dialed numbers is saved in Redial memory, so this telephone has much memory inside.
The blue LED illuminated LCD screen showing several informations such as Clock, Calendar, last received Caller ID, number of incoming calls, Indicators that shown Mute, New Caller ID, speaker phone and Low Battery Icons. Yes, this device using three AA batteries as a power for LCD display and memory saving, also you can set the brightness level for LCD back light.
The design of this device is beautiful with millennium style and color, the buttons are easy to push, with user friendly placement setting. The speaker phone sound is loud and clear, you can do hand free calling with comfort.

More info: http://www.thomson-asia.com.hk