Wednesday, May 08, 2013

HP Deskjet 1000 Printer - J110a

Since my old HP Deskjet 690C printer was not able to be used again, then after a long time did not have a printer and have to printing in computer rentals, so when I have enough money I bought a new printer for my printing needs and my choice fell on HP Deskjet 1000 Printer - J110a.

I've always preferred the HP brand printer products, because the printing head attached on the ink cartridges not on the ink holder such as other printer brands. So it is always a new print head every time I replace the cartridge, while the tubular ink system with separate head in the stand often occurs congestion and the cost of replacement of print head is very expensive, often exceeds the new printer price.
(Yes I know that there are some HP printer products with ink tube separate with the head).

This is the cheapest HP printer on the market in my town, why I did not choose multifunction printer? Because I believe if a printer and scanner combined in one device, so if one function is broken, the other function will be broken as well, Even if not broken, just like the scanner is still functioning, then there will be lots of big devices at my desk if I buy a new printer as a substitute for the malfunction printer of the multifunction device.
The printing result is very good, in my opinion is better than my old HP printer, the resolution is higher, and images or photos printing also look sharp and the pixels not so visible.

But because the price of ink cartridges is cheap (cheaper than my old printer cartridges), so the contents of the cartridge is little less, in my opinion the printouts output is not too much, and have to frequently replace cartridges if you have lot of printing activities.

In the information on the HP website, the ink cartridges with more content is available, but that thing is can not be found on any computer shops in my town, probably due to the expensive price.

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