Friday, February 17, 2006

My 486DX-80 Computer.

It was 1995, after I had job as a Computer Assistance in Jasa Indonesia Insurance Company, My dream came true, I bought a brand new Computer with my own money.
It was a 486 Local Assembled Computer, with AMD 486DX-80 Processor, 4 Megabyte RAM, 420 Megabyte "Quantum" Hard disk, one 1,2 MB Floppy Disk Drive and one 1,44 MB Floppy Disk Drive. With a VGA Monitor, I believe it was a 12 inch monitor, because the screen was so small.
I did several upgrade with this computer, first I added a 16MB RAM and bought a Zoltrix 14.400 Bps External Modem and registered to CBN Internet Service Provider, It was my first experience using internet, I'm so happy because my second dream came true, I enjoying to surf in internet, found some new knowledge and some xxx things :-)
When a VCD was invented, I bought a Boser MPEG Card, a SoundBlaster 16 Soundcard, and of course a CD-ROM Drive. After that my computer became a multimedia computer, not satisfy with small monitor, I was bought a long AV Cable and plug in the Video Output in the MPEG Card to the video input connector in my 21 inch Television. It was a little bit difficult but my family can watching VCD movies together.
I love my 486 Computer.

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