Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Microsoft Wired Desktop 500 Keyboard + Mouse

Wow this is the first branded Keyboard I ever bought, this is a Microsoft product that bundled a keyboard with an optical mouse, all of them are wired with cable, the keyboard has PS/2 connector and the mouse has USB connector with USB to PS/2 adapter.

I need some adaptation to use this keyboard, because there are several keypad layout that different from standard keyboard, the home, insert, delete, end, page up and page down button are in vertical layout that make me always press the wrong button in this area.
And the keypad letter is too small and in grey color that make the user difficult to see in dark.

This is spill resistant keyboard, but I'm too afraid try to spill a glass of water on this keyboard, maybe the claim is true because I see some hole on the bottom of keyboard.

But I like to use this keyboard, the keypad is soft and quite, and the Microsoft branded name is make my proud to show off to my friends.