Tuesday, February 14, 2006

IBM Compatible XT Personal Computer.

I was at High School when I had my first computer, it was a XT Personal Computer, a big desktop CPU box with CGA monitor on top, and a Keyboard attached, without mouse.
It was a new technology in that age, and I was a first person who had Computer in my housing complex.
You can write using WordStar and build a spreadsheet using Lotus 123, and play games like Space Commander, Pac-man and Digger.

The CPU using 8088 microprocessor chip, 640 kilobyte RAM, with two 5.25 inch 360KB Floppy Disk Drive, and a Key to lock your computer, it was a real key like a door key, if you lock it, your computer will can't be used by other person.
The CGA Monitor only can showing 16 color in text mode and 4 color in graphic mode, but I was suitable for the software we used with this computer.

I used this computer to write my thesis for my University Graduate.
And after I had a job and had money, I bought a 486 Computer to change this lovely XT Computer.

I still keep this XT Computer in my house, mixed with unused things. I don't know if it is still work or not.

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