Friday, February 24, 2006

Celeron 333 Computer

When I was quit from my job because of economic recession, I had built my own computer shop. I bought six second hand 486 Computers, and two brand new Celeron 333 Computers, all these computer are for rented for the students from Gunadarma University near my shop.
I'm not going to tell story about my shop, but I want to tell about these Celeron 333 Computer.
I assembled this computer by myself, these computers using PC-Chip ExCell 2000 Motherboard, 128 Megabyte SDRAM module, and Intel Celeron 333 Processor, with 4,3 Gigabyte Seagate Hard disk and 14 inch GTC Monitor.
When my shop closed in the night, I always use one of these computers to playing game, my favorite is Age of Empire and Need for Speed.
Because in my home I still using the 486 Computer, just for writing letters and do accounting jobs.
The Celeron Processor was the reduced price of Pentium II Processor, with less cache memory (128K on-chip cache, when PII using 256K) and using socket 370, this was the era when Slot 1 was not used again, back to the levered socket called socket 370 that much easy to installed than the Slot 1.
With the lower price we can have fast computer with same specification as Pentium II Computer, even you can overclocking this Celeron and make it faster than the Pentium II Processor.

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