Wednesday, February 22, 2006

AIWA NSX-K880 Video CD, Radio Tuner and Double Deck Tape Recorder, Stereo Hifi Compo.

My little brother bought this machine.
It was his dream to buy this device, every time we went to Electronic Fair, He always spent a lot of time in the Audio Device Section, and so after he got a job as a Chef in Hilton Hotel - Jakarta, he bought his dream machine.
This is a good electronic device; this machine has two big speaker boxes with big bass air holes and two little satellite speakers, it can produce a good sound with big bass effect and crispy treble sound. I never try to turn the volume knob to the maximum level, because with a quarter levels this machine can make a big sound that can vibrating my house.
My family can watch Video CD movies with best quality picture and sound, better than watching Video CD from my 486 Computer.

Note: I had been searching over internet to find its picture, and found the right picture in the name of AIWA NSX-S888, a little bit strange because in my country its series is NSX-K880.


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