Thursday, April 22, 2010

Canon CanoScan LiDE 100 Flatbed Scanner

I bought this scanner last year, I find this tool quite meet my needs, it can scan images with excellent results, my old photographs collection digitalized well, so can I save them in the files that can be burn onto a CD or DVD. The scanning process is also quite fast, at 600dpi mode can scan A4 size photos in less than a minute.
To scan a document it is also quite good, all forms of document whether it be offset printing, the printer prints or handwriting can be scanned perfectly, even the fibers and wrinkles in the paper will be seen clearly.

I can scan three-dimensional objects with this tool, the results are quite good, although the LED lighting is not bright enough to be able to capture the details well.

Here is an example.

Only one weakness, I should make sure the sheet that I want to scan completely flat against the scanner glass, I usually give little weight on the lid, because if not exactly flat then the scan results will be shaded dark or color piebald.

Chiaki Hara poster scans, resized from original size 2549 x 3299 pixels.