Thursday, February 09, 2006

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Arisson Mercinova; I'm male and living in Depok, Indonesia.
I like to use electronic things, and interest to the development of electronic technology.

I am sorry if my English is bad, I still need to improve my English skill, but let me start to share my experience.

When I was a little boy, I like to open any electronic device in my home, I love to see the circuit inside them, the colorful component, and amaze why this crowded thing can made a great magic, why we can hear music from radio? And why we can see picture from television?
It was happy day while my father gave me an Atari Video Game; it was my first hi-tech stuff that I owned. Everyday I played with this, and made my mom angry because I forgot to study and do homework.
After playing the video game, my curiosity came out and I got a screwdriver and opened this Atari console. And found a new experience to new technology, this thing is tidy and didn't have much cable inside, didn't like the radio unit that I opened before. There was only one piece of circuit board with small and tiny square things, I didn't know yet if that called IC and reduced size of transistor, resistor and capacitor.
Luckily I can put this back together in the console box, and still can used for playing video games, because I had been broken a Cassette Player after I opened it.

What a strange kid :-)

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