Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pest Contro 2000

I bought this device on 2 April 2009, an electronic ultrasonic tool that promoted can eliminate ants, spiders, cockroaches and rats, I bought this because many rat roam my home in the kitchen, and I found that this tool is powerful enough, the rat that usually roam more of three, is now not visible anymore, only occasionally a rat through desperately, but usually not long and it soon disappeared, but there is also a smart rat that can know the area that not affected by the ultrasonic beam, which is right under this device, behind the cupboard and at the top of the table. where the nature of the ultrasonic vine straight, and will rebound if there is a thing that inhibit. I think this device is good enough because it can reduce the rat in my kitchen, although the price is quite expensive (Rp. 329.000,- or US$ 32) but comparable to its function.