Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Newest Computer

I bought this computer with money that earned from internet business, I love this computer, it is not Pentium 4 but the speed can be compared with them, this is fast and reliable, can work with multiple program that I always do everyday, it work from early morning and shutdown in the middle of the night, how strong is it?
This computer using AMD Athlon XP Thoroughbred 2400 processor, which works at 2000 MHz speed. With 512 DDR 3200 Memory and 80 Gigabyte Hard drive.
I put several fans added to this system because I had experience with the heat problem with this processor, I just knowing if the statement about heat problem with AMD Processor is true, so I must sure the air circulation in my CPU Case is free to flow, even I opened all of the 5.12" bays for air input. The noisy sound of the entire fans will heard when I turn this computer on. I planned to change the cooling system with water cooler, but this device is still expensive for me.
Now I'm collecting my money to buy a graphic card, because I'm bored to use the on board Graphic Adapter that have limitation to running the latest Game Title.
That is my Computer, I am still love it and don't want to upgrade it yet.

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