Tuesday, October 11, 2011

LG Internal GH22 Super Multi DVD Rewriter 22x IDE

I bought it earlier this year to replace my CD-RW that has often not functioning properly, you might think "Come on, you just bought a DVD-RW in the year 2011?" Where nowadays is the era of Blu-Ray.
Yeah right, maybe I'm outdated, but in the past I feel don't need to have a DVD ROM or even DVD-RW, but this year due to the circumstances and because the price of this device is already very low, so I decided to buy it, especially now that the price of Blu -Ray ROM or RW is still very expensive for me.
I bought it for Rp. 195,000 or about USD $ 23. and I regret why I did not buy this earlier, because a piece of blank DVD capacity is about six time a blank CD, and the price of blank DVD and blank CD price is the same at Rp. 2,500 or about USD $ 0.3 (30 cents).
With this DVR-RW now I able to save about four of my movie collection in a single DVD, but apparently now the availability film on the Internet already in HD format which is more than 1 gigabyte each film, and sometimes it requires one blank DVD to saving one film only, times have changed indeed.

This is my video when I unboxing this LG Internal GH22 Super Multi DVD Rewriter 22x IDE:

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Samsung S5620 Monte

I got this cellphone as a gift from my sister, I really like this and these things are never out of my hands, wherever and whenever, including when I sleep, except when I take a bath, I didn't want this my favorite thing splashed by the water .
I liked its 3.15 pixel camera, where I can shoot anything with good results, it can be in 4:3 or 16:9 format and also in panorama, the weakness it could not take pictures in the dark, because it had no flash.

Although it can be tricked with a night mode but when take a picture you should not be shaking a bit, and there must be sufficient light such as fluorescent lights.

this phone has everything required for a smart phone, Bluetooth, 3G, GPS, WLAN, internet browser, camera, video, java applications, and much more, it can used for video calls even though I've never had the opportunity to try it.
It is slim, thin and very fit in the palm of my fat hand.
I love this thing, but now it's gone, someone stole it from me, damn that thief. I hope it now on the hand who also loved it.