Sunday, June 01, 2008

Casio VL-Tone -- Electronic Musical Instrument VL-1

When I browsing my old cabinet I found my first ever musical instrument, it is a Casio VL-1 the most popular organ in my childish era. This is not only a musical instrument but also can be used for calculator, hahaha a very big and dificult to use calculator :D

Then I found the good emulator for this classic device, you can download the emulator here
save in the new folder, then download the savihost file here
put that file in the same folder with previous files, rename the "SAVIHost.exe" to "VL1.EXE" then run the file and you will see the organ that playable with all features that avaiable in the real device, even you can play the demo music "German Folk Song."

Ahhh the memories is coming back again :)